Shopping by night in Cairo

A big advantage in Cairo is that it is to be able to go Buy anything and everything at any time. And to any prices too.

Nearby, you can find everything: grocery stores, dry products stores, others in poultry (with the possibility of choosing the live beast and having it sacrificed) others in beef, spices, vegetable, cleaning products and hygiene, Western clothes, Islamic clothes (my favorites – with the Asian grocery store – hhhh with a wide selection of jilbabs, khimars, abayas, niqabs…), stationery, and so on! There’s everything we need, and every product family has a dedicated store. If we settle for local products, this is the top because the prices are very correct and many dukans are open to the fajr as at midnight al hamdouliLlah. This is one of the great advantages of our small working-class neighborhood.

And then there are the malls like Cairo Festival and its huge intersection. A wide range of products, a varied price range with brands and a selection of French brands. But the made in France has a price… That said, the French brand remains the cheapest (according to the comparisons that have been made). Very practical when it’s the crisis and all stocks are depleted for a large full monthly not exceeding the 100 euros including meat. Promotional packages, regular sales (such as today we jumped at the opportunity lol), closing at midnight … very practical on many levels.

But we limit these full because let’s not forget, wherever we around the world, to give as much emphasis as possible to local shops that the big behemoths have already crashed in many countries.

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