The infernal bus ? or the kingdom of the Muslim woman ?

On the way to school… could I have imagined a moment that taking the daily bus would finally become a pleasure? And I’m not talking about a 4-year bus here, but about the bus in African capital mode what… ? But this famous bus has become a great to constantly remind us of the benefits of being in this Allahouma country baarek ?

In the early days I called these buses the infernal buses so many drivers sometimes forget that they carry several amanas and take risks on the road completely unreasonable. i said to “Mr. Abi”: “Nan but it’s not possible we’ll die one day on that bus!!!” ?

But very quickly I renamed them the buses of respect. i will even say the buses of respect for THE WOMAN, a place where she becomes queen not by her beauty but by her modesty ?

Imagine for a moment. You are a woman, you climb in the bus, in the subway, in the crowded tram, but you go up there soothed because you know that there is a 95% chance that a man will give way to you.

Can’t in France tell me you’?️

Well, here in Cairo, where the wearing of the niqab or sitar, the preservation of the sounnah in dress and everything merely the modesty of the woman are respected and honored, it is simply a reality. It is very rare to get on a bus and not see a man give you his place, may Allah elevate them ?

Egyptians have (for the most part) a deep respect for people who wear the sunnah. Brothers in qamis wearing beards seem to inspire their confidence (I’m talking about our experiences and what “Mr. Abi” every day). Women donning modesty that they are in jilbab, abaya and khimar, that they bear the niqab or sitar or reveal their faces, are considered to their right value.

And it makes perfect sense when I get on these buses, which apparently didn’t inspire me any confidence, that not so long ago I will have looked out of the corner of my eye thinking “nan but I’ll never get in there it’s not right, I’m much better alone in my car. .”,” and which finally fill my heart with gratitude to Our Lord for facilitating us in our hijra and allowing us to taste the benefits of Egy
pt ?For on this bus, there are other beautiful things that we will try to share with you very soon in shaa Allah…
May Allah preserve this country and its pe
ople ❤ May Allah open the doors to all those who wish to come and study or live there for as long as He allows them
❤ Bint A. aka “Madame Ummi”

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