How hijra changed our lives…


It is now a year since we left France definitively. A first trip a few months before to “prepare “but we have to do the causes, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Let’s say it gives a taste of the vagaries waiting for us when we give up safety and comfort.

Abandoning everything, or almost, or little, depends on the choices of each one, which we respect. For our part, apart from clothes, books, linen and other tinkering, we opted for light travel, imagine what can be taken with only two trips back in plane… not much to tell the truth!

But this choice allowed us to savor a feeling that did not no price: freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom to practice, freedom to go towards what pleases the Creator, freedom of expression grasp the opportunities He offers us to bring us even closer to him. The prophet said, “Be in this life as a traveler… ». It’s exactly bi fadliLlah as such that we consider today, and that we are considering in sha Alah to spend the rest of our lives.

We grew up in a system that has pushed us to seek stability, planning, seek comfort and safety, but how these things, dictated by codes that are not ours, they will benefit us in the afterlife?

no! These are not the not our teachings, they are not the goals that our Lord has set for us Fixed.

Search for Its approval First of all, that’s what we need to turn to, and it goes including settlement in a place where Islam rhymes not with

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