Anecdote Hijra – And whoever puts his trust in Allah, He is enough for him

April 2018
It’s been almost 8 months since we put down luggage in Cairo al hamdouliLlah.
It has also been almost a year since we left France for Algiers with the niya to do the hijra Allahouma Baarak.
Egypt, we went there a bit on a whim: €5,000 in our pocket, we decided to spend as much time there as possible to study Arabic in one of the most prestigious merkez: Al Ibaanah.
But after having financed the installation in an apartment, even summarily, and financed our studies over several months, our savings are exhausted but our love for Egypt and for the research of science is enriched.
It was during this month of April 2018 that the decision to settle permanently in this beautiful country was made. It was also at this time that the Oummi Abi Moi project took its first steps… but that’s another story!
Our installation was therefore very basic, in particular our gas stove which had been installed in a hurry, and which systematically let out a smell of gas each time it was used. We had got used to it and tried not to open the general arrival to its maximum.
One day in April, it was time for salât al 3icha, my partner was at the mosque. I had thrown the meal which was on the fire, and at the same time I was knocking on the floor in the kitchen.
When suddenly, as I bend down to pick up the mop, I feel a great heat in my back: I get up with a start and there, vision of horror!!! The city gas inlet pipe connected to the gas stove is on fire!!!!
So certainly, not a flame that licks the ceiling either, but sufficiently impressive to imagine the worst scenario in the space of a tenth of a second: should I flee immediately? Do I have time to take the time to fill a container with water and put out the start of the fire? Will I explode with the rest of the apartment until I fill something with water? What kind of container should I use? How much water will be enough to extinguish this flame that dances on a pipe filled with gas and taunts me?
Without lying, in a split second I really had all these questions that came to mind, my body paralyzed with fear but my brain was going in all directions!
Good end of the suspense: I decide to fill a bowl of water and manage to extinguish the flame in two round trips bi fadliLlah. Then it is in tears that I call my partner, traumatized by this domestic accident which could have cost me my life.
Following this, we had to resolve to get rid of this cooker, but impossible to afford another one: our departure for France was fast approaching, we were to travel in June, the tickets were already paid for, our lessons until n the trip too, our last savings were dedicated to the launch of our business and the payment of expenses related to the renewal of our visas, for which we had an appointment a few days after this incident. Then for day-to-day expenses, I had found a job as a French language teacher in a crèche once a week, and I continued to give some online lessons, it allowed us to finance the shopping, the bus, a part of our rent.
Al hamdouliLlah Allah granted me salvation, that was the most important thing. If we had to eat only salads until the start, bismiLlah! This situation was a bit restrictive and it had never happened before that we were blocked for a purchase that went beyond the realm of comfort.
Being too fair to afford a trip, a car, even going to a restaurant, is one thing. But a gas stove really is a situation that we did not think we knew. But by Allah that did not upset us! We were so happy, our days were filled with learning and those first months in Egypt were the happiest and most peaceful I have known. We were convinced of Allah’s mercy and we did not worry about this situation, convinced that it would be good for us and that Allah would never abandon us.
The day of the appointment for the visas arrives: we have about 3000 Egyptian pounds to pay our due and without lying, all our remaining expenses until departure were already provisioned.
We take care of finalizing the procedures for our iqamaas, then comes the time to queue to pay. I then meet a very good friend, may Allah preserve her, who entered Egyptian territory at the same time as us and who has to pay about the same fees as us.
She walks past me, pays, collects her passport.
Our turn comes. And there was a huge surprise by Subhan Allah: we weren’t charged the 3000 pounds we had set aside! We are shocked, we do not understand. We were sure we had to pay that amount. So we doubt. But we don’t insist, especially with the local administrations… we get our passports back and I hasten to ask my girlfriend if she had to pay the fees we thought we had to pay, and she confirmed that she had paid them.
Allahu Akbar ! Allah tested us and diminished our possessions but we were grateful to Him for all the blessings He had showered on us in recent months. And suddenly, He opened a door for us that we did not even suspect and behind it, the possibility of being able to buy a new gas cooker!!!
Al hamdouliLlah, we wasted no time: once out of the police station we went to buy a stove that we took care this time to have installed by the manufacturer!
Allah said in sura Al Furqan n°25 verse 58 (close translation of the meaning of the verse): “And put your trust in the Living who does not die”.
قال الله تعالى : وَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى الْحَيِّ الَّذِي لا يَمُوتُ
(سورة الفرقان ٥٨)
‘Umar Ibn Al Khatab (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet (may Allah’s prayer and His salvation be upon him) said: “If you put your trust in Allah as it should be, He would certainly give you your sustenance as He gives it to the bird which leaves in the morning with an empty stomach and returns in the evening with a full stomach”.
(Reported by Tirmidhi in his Sounan n°2344 which authenticated it and it was also authenticated by Sheikh Albani in his correction of Sounan Tirmidhi).
The scholars of the permanent fatwa committee of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said: “The meaning of the hadith is that if people complete trust in Allah in their hearts and rely completely on Him to obtain what benefits them and be discarded of what harms them while practicing beneficial causes then Allah would send them their sustenance with the least cause as he sends their sustenance to the birds by the simple fact that they leave and return, this is a form of request but which is easy and simple…”.
(Majmou’ Al Fatawa Al Lajna Daima vol 1 p 252)

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