Student, tijareuse, and store supervisor in my spare time ?

When the local grocer asks you to keep the shop until he goes to cut you a piece of cheese in his other grocery store at the end of the street and leaves you with your husband in front of the cash register and all his merchandise without raising an eyebrow ? forced to make a little pho to remember hhhh.

Or 2 days ago when we take a little express sandwich break in the middle of a day shopping for the tijara, and we prepare to eat our snack in the corner of a street, the manager of a store begging us to take a seat at the bottom of his shop to sit eating quiet and I can lift my niqab to enjoy my meal more.

May Allah preserve the Egyptian people who, however, in our first weeks here seemed cold and distant. But they are in reality people full of generosity for whom mutual aid and trust in those who wear the Sunnah have an important place.

I love Egypt I love its people I love allah above all to fill us with this blessing.

May Allah preserve the hijra of all the minajairounes and grant it and facilitate it to those who wait for this liberation.

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